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Ruby Rose

Player: Callie

Canon: RWBY

Canon Point: Halfway through Volume 3, Chapter 12

Alignment: Peromei

Date of Entry: 03/06/2017

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Birthday: Unknown
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Brown with some red
Height: 5'2"
Amulet: A silver-colored medium-sized with the crystal, a red-colored rose, in the middle. Will be cliped on to her cape like a pendant.
Appearance: Link or brief description.
Profile: A small, more honest soul (application or separate information entry)
Contact: [ profile] calliecatt93 or PM me through this journal

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Player: Callie
Contact: [ profile] calliecatt93
Age: 24
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Ruby Rose
Age: 15
Canon: RWBY
Canon Point: Volume 3, Chapter 12, right after Pyrrha's death invoked her hidden power and made her vision go white.

Background: Wiki Link

Personality: Ruby Rose is special, even though that's not what she intended to be. At age fifteen, Ruby is quite young but she has already decided what she wants to do with her life. Her goal is to become a Huntress, a warrior who fights the monstrous Grimm that plague the world of Remnant in order to make the lives of others better. An idealistic goal it may be, but it is one that she believes in with all her heart and one that she has dedicated herself to. Despite being two years too young, the headmaster of the prestigious Beacon Academy Professor Ozpin allowed Ruby in early, allowing her to begin her lifelong goal of becoming a Huntress.

Ruby is often a very nice, energetic girl who acts younger than she really is. When classes at Beacon began, she was goofing off by doing tricks with her books, drawing bad doodles of the teacher, and even picking her nose. She also doesn't know the difference between tussles, brussels, and truffles, and also sneaked snuck her dog Zwei to a dangerous mission (though the doctor praised her for that one). She enjoys being silly and having fun with her friends, the latter being especially important to her and she even once planned a whole day for her and her teammates to have fun together at the start of the second semester (even if she stole Weiss' binder to do so, she is not a crook). She can also be rather reckless, once getting nearly killed by Weiss when she unknowingly got in the middle of her attack while fighting Grimm. This all makes Ruby appear as a very naive girl who probably should not be in beacon yet.

Despite her childish personality however, Ruby has her share of worries and insecurities. When she got into Beacon two years early, she was afraid of being labeled 'special' and over meeting new people. The only person she had no trouble talking to was her half-sister Yang Xiao Long, but the revelation that she would have to be on a team was one that terrified her. But while nervous, Ruby still will try to talk to people, even ones that seem rude and snooty like rich girl Weiss Schnee. The efforts do pay off with Ruby soon being able to become friends with Weiss and the antisocial Blake Belladonna and form a team with them and Yang. When Ruby was named leader, a new fear of being the right person for it rose, especially when Weiss was angered at her childish actions. Nevertheless, she received encouragement from Ozpin and began to take her duty and studies more seriously as a result. She is more accepting of meeting others now and being herself as well as trying to give others encouragement, doing so to her friend Jaune Arc when he was questioning his own place at Beacon.

For the most part, Ruby has lived a happy, stable life. The worst that she had experienced was her mother, Summer Rose, going on a mission and never returning, presumed dead. Her father, Taiyang Xiao Long, while a very loving and supportive father, shut down for a good period of time and as such, Yang was a primary caretaker in her life. While Ruby was very young when Summer died, the loss saddened her and she still talks to her at her grave. Her image song even indicates that there is a level of hurt that Ruby feels towards her mother dying. But whatever she felt, she has found solace in both her decision in following her mother's footsteps and in learning to fight from from her Uncle Qrow Branwen, whom she greatly idolizes. She has based both her look and her fighting style off of him and was ecstatic when he came to Beacon on business.

The most important trail that Ruby has is that she is a good person. This is reflected in her dream, but it also shows in other ways. She befriended a girl named Penny, even though her teammates weren't keen on the idea, and eventually learned that she was a robot. The revelation did not affect Ruby at all, still viewing Penny as a living person. She is very accepting and trusting of just about anyone as long as they aren't openly bad people, like regular foe Roman Torchwick. She longs to do the right thing and has put herself into dangerous situations due to it, such as going after Roman when he stole from a Dust shop and agreeing to fight against violent extremists due to Blake's (a former extremist) worries about their plans. It is why he signed up for Beacon after all and despite the risk, if it means doing good she is willing to leap into it.

Of course Ruby's trusting nature can be used against her. Three exchange students she made friends with, - Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury, - in reality are there to defame Beacon and they succeeded. It resulted in the death of Penny an eventually one of Ruby's other friends, Pyrrha. This devastated Ruby and caused her to feel betrayed and experience loss for the first time since losing her mother. But in spite of it, she immediately chose to fight back against the bad guys in order to protect innocent lives. Though she has now experienced despair and seen a portion of how bad the world can be, it did nothing to Ruby's resolve and her view of the world. She still wishes to make things better as a Huntress and not even sorrow will make her give that up.

Combat Ability: Ruby's fighting style revolves around her weapon, Crescent Rose. It is a giant scythe... and it is also a gun. A high-caliber sniper rifle to be exact. Crescent Rose is much larger than Ruby, but do not be fooled by that difference. Due to both her own speed abilities (will cover below) and training from her Uncle Qrow, Ruby is more than capable of slicing up her enemies with quick precision and ease. As it is a gun, in both the gun and scythe form Ruby can fire rounds, both normal and Dust (a special mineral form from her world) enhanced ones. The biggest weakness with this style is that when Ruby is without her weapon, she is far less capable in combat. That being said, she is still strong enough to kick a Grimm in the face. But probably Ruby's greatest strength is her quick and unpredictable thinking. She can make unorthodox plans on the spot, such as her and her teammates creating a giant slingshot to shoot Ruby at a Grimm and allow her to decapitate it even though they weren't even an official team yet. Another example is Ruby opening up her opponent's parcel parasol while they were on an airship, sending them flying off into the unknown. She can find an opening where you would least expect it and can improvise a plan on the fly, making her a truly dangerous opponent.

Semblance: In Remnant, people possess an Aura, which is a type of force field that lessens the damage that has been dealt to them. Along with that Aura, one obtains a Semblance which is a unique special ability that only they possess. In Ruby's case, she has super speed. Due to this, she is nearly untouchable in battle, able to speed form from place to place and land a flurry of blows within seconds. She is fast enough that during a food fight, she created a tornado that cracked a wall, sent students into the wall, and splattered them in a flurry of food and soda. What is unique about her Semblance however is that whenever she uses it, trailing behind her are scattered rose petals. However when Ruby's Aura runs out or is broken, she will be unable to use her Semblance until it has restored itself.

Silver Eyes: In the first episode of the series, it was noted that Ruby has silver eyes, a unique trait in t he world of Remnant. It didn't seem like much at first, but when Ruby witnessed the death of her fiend Pyrrha, she unlocked a hidden power. What it is exactly is unknown, only that whatever it was severely injured Pyrrha's killer and froze a dangerous Dragon Grimm (Remnant monsters) in it's place. Silver Eyes represent someone destined to live the life of a warrior and are capable of striking fear in a Grimm just by looking at them. Ruby is unaware of how she did this however and therefore does not know how to use the powers.

In canon, virtually nothing about Ruby's power has yet to be explained to either her or to the audience. As such the power will most likely need to be nerfed until canon explains it and even then it may be a potential game-breaker. But until more is revealed, it is probably best that this ability be unusable in the game.

Alignment: Peromei. Ruby has always believed int in the good of the world and has huge hopes for her role in it. Since young, she wanted to be a Huntress to help people and make the world better. A naive dream perhaps. but even so it is one that she genuinely believes in. She has hope in the good in the world and in the people that she loves. In recent times however, she has discovered despair with the death of one of her friends and her school being invaded. But nevertheless, Ruby chose to fight on in order to protect her home and the innocent people within it. Hope is what fuels her, but she has experienced both sides of the same coin and both have motivated her.

Other: Ruby will be bringing with her the clothes on her back and her treasured Crescent Rose.


General Sample: Test Drive Thread

Emotion Sample: Test Drive Tag

Questions: Hmm... HMM... nah, I'm good!
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OOC Information
NAME:  Callie
AGE:  20
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Donatello, Twilight Sparkle

IC Information
AGE: 15
CANON POINT: Post-Episode 16
Dragon's Roar (She is very impulsive and rash who often leaps before thinking)
Virus Busters (Ruby wants to be a Huntress, a person who slays monsters for the greater good and has a heroic spirit despite having insecurities over her leadership ability)
Wind Guardians (She is carefree and wants to prove that she is strong, can handle herself despite her age and inexperience, and can handle herself)
APPEARANCE: She has a similar appearance to Little Red Riding Hood. She is around average height for a girl her age. Her hair is short and brown, her eyes are silver, and her skin is a pale white, almost as white as snow. She wears a black blouse and a black combat skirt with red trimmings. She also wears black leggings and a pair of black and red boots. The most significant part of her attire is a red hooded cloak that she wears which has two silver cross pins attacked to the front. Around her waist is a black belt where she carries her weapon, Crescent Rose. The belt also carries cartridges and a magazine pouch for her weapon's gun form. She also wears a silver rose pen on it, which is also her symbol.
PERSONALITY: Ruby is a rather childish and naive young girl. She gets very excited easily, especially when it comes to weapons. and likes things such as fairy tales and cookies. She is also rather impulsive and rash, often acting on her own and without thinking which has almost gotten her killed by her partner Weiss at least once. Her childish nature also often had her not pay attention to her studies and at times her responsibilities. 

Despite this things, Ruby is a friendly and cheerful girl who has a strong sense of justice. She is always willing to help those in need and has been taught her entire life to help people, hence why she wishes to become a Huntress and slay evil monsters known as the Grimm. She gets excited when it comes to weapons and anything involving Hunters and Huntresses, such as meeting one after trying to thwart a robbery in the first episode... which ended with her being scolded for her rashness. She has a fondness for weapons and will fangirl over them like a girl would over the recent boy teen star. She also lives strongly by her ideals to protect innocent people and slay demons for the greater good, which began when she was little and being told stories of heroes by her sister Yang. Since then she has been determined to become a Huntress and when the situation calls for it, she can be serious and has proven to be a very capable strategist and leader, taking charge of her group of friends during a test against the Grimm during her early days at Beacon Academy.

Ruby is also rather socially awkward and has trouble talking to new people. She also doe snot like to be the center of attention or being seen as anything special, merely wishing to be a normal girl in the crowd like everyone else. Nevertheless, she does try to be friendly with people and even if they are snotty, if she must she will try to befriend them. While confident in her fighting abilities, she has insecurities about how others see her as she doesn't want to be seen as special but at the same time wants to prove her strength and that she can handle herself to gain acceptance. Since becoming leader of her team, she has also worried about proving that she is a capable leader and if she really is fit to be so. But despite these feelings, when she does grow close to others she cares about them all equally and gives them her unending loyalty and support. She will do anything for her loved ones, no matter what the cost may be.

In combat, Ruby can be smart and dependable and is capable of handling herself. She is very fast and agile and also has a special ability to move at high speeds which causes rose petals to appear (she will not have this power in-game). She is very skilled with her weapon Crescent Rose, a giant gun that can turn into a giant scythe. Despite her petite build, she is much stronger than she looks as she can swing her scythe around with ease and is capable of kicking down full-grown men easily. Although her impulsiveness can cause her to lose a fight due to not thinking things through, she is still a strong warrior and very capable of winning a fight with ease.

HISTORY: Wiki Link Here

FIRST PERSON: Question: What would your ideal friend be?
"Hmm... lets see. Well they would have to be good people, or at least kind of good. Someone who is fine with who I am, like how I can totally ramble a lot without realizing it and then they point it out and then I go like 'oops, sorry.' but then they go 'oh no, it's fine Ruby! Your fine! You...' oh, I'm doing it again. The rambling thing, whoops!  Anyways, just someone that I can talk to about weapons and fighting monsters and about heroes and stuff like boys and cookies and music and all of those normal girl things that most girls talk about. As long as they like me and I can find a way to get them to like me, I am totally cool with them"

Question: What would you say is your greatest strength?
"Speed! Totally my speed! I am so fast I can out-run a Grimm and take it down in just a few seconds! But the Digital World did something to make me lose it... well I still have Crescent Rose at least. I made it back at Signal and it's the best weapon ever! It's a scythe as well as a sniping riffle. Cool, huh? As long as I have my baby, I can get through anything!"

Question: You have one choice. That choice will result in either the end of the world or it will save it. Which way will you go?
"The one that saves the world. Why wouldn't I choose that one? I'm a Huntress in training, its my job to protect people and slay monsters. So that means I'm supposed to protect the world, right? So of course I would choose the choice that saves it. Because saving people... that's what heroes do."
THIRD PERSON: (During Episode One, after being accepted into beacon Academy)
It had been exciting at first, getting to fight bad guys trying to rob the poor old guy's Dust store. Then getting to see a Huntress, a real Huntress, fight off the bad guys even if the lady was pretty stern and kinda grumpy, ti had still been amazing. Then she got accepted into her dream academy by the head master, and she even got cookies! It had been a shocking night, but being allowed into Beacon, into the one place that would let her begin the path of reaching her dream, it was so exciting!

At least... it had been at first.

But now, as she left the interrogation room that the grumpy Huntress had led her to after the fight, the red-hooded girl was already feeling worry fill her mind. She got accepted into beacon... two years early. She wasn't supposed to got here, not yet. She was barely even finished at Signal Academy. Plus how would people view her? They would all be staring at her, expecting things form her, thinking that she shouldn't be there. They would see her as 'special'. She shook her head lightly. She didn't want to be special. She didn't want to have everyone doubting and thinking badly of her, having high expectations for her. She wanted to be a normal girl. Just a regular girl trying to get through a regular Hunting school and becoming a regular old Huntress who fought regular old monsters to protect the innocent.

She took in a small breath. She had to think positively. She was only going to a prestigious academy where she knew no one. Well... she knew Yang, that was a plus. Having her older sister there was good. And she was accepted into the place where she wanted to go, just not at the time she expected to go. The head master seemed to think she was good, and he knew her uncle so he had to be a good person, right? This was her chance, after all her longing she was going to Beacon Academy. She was on her way to becoming a Huntress, a hero. Just like in all of those stories that Yang read to her.

At last, she was going to reach her dream.


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